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Michigan Ambassadors Forum

This December, the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan and the American Academy of Diplomacy will co-host a discussion panel of prestigious experts to enhance public understanding of critical foreign policy areas, focusing on U.S. diplomatic efforts around the world

Ambassador Speaker Series

In 2018, the Academy began its collaboration with the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut through a program suggested by Hotchkiss alum and Academy member, Ambassador Robert M. Beecroft. Through this partnership, the Academy has since created the Ambassador Speaker Series, which aims to educate students about the importance of diplomacy.


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"Changing the Risk Paradigm For U.S. Diplomats"

The State Department's current risk aversion at higher-threat posts obstructs the performance of the most basic functions of a diplomat. The Academy's new report suggests three changes to address the growing level of risk intolerance experienced in U.S. missions abroad.

"Strengthening the Department of State"

Effective American diplomacy demands a strong Department of State to execute it.  The Academy's new report offers the Department recommendations for how to enhance its structures and processes to better identify, recruit, train, support, equip, and protect its people in the Foreign and Civil Service.

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Sep 24

A senior U.S. diplomat to Haiti resigns due to his critical opinion of the "deportations of Haitian migrants to a d…