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Message from the President

AAD President Ambassador Ronald Neumann

The American Academy of Diplomacy works to strengthen American diplomacy. The small group of former senior ambassadors and leaders in foreign policy who constitute the Academy represent a unique wealth of talent — practitioners who have dealt with the toughest of real world issues — dedicated to the core mission of strengthening American diplomacy. Study programs have made unique contributions to examining proper staffing for State and USAID and recommending essential improvements in professional education and training for America’s diplomats. Through outreach programs, lectures, awards and competitions the Academy promotes interest in and understanding of the indispensability 

of diplomacy to the most challenging problems facing our foreign and national security interests. It works with groups with related interests to share perspectives and programs. In its membership, practice and programs the Academy recognizes that successful diplomacy involves a broad spectrum of agencies and tools; how we coordinate these assets, not just grand policy alone, is a major part of success. By working to achieve the highest standards in the conduct of diplomacy, the Academy dedicates itself to serving our nation and to enhancing America’s standing and influence in the world.

                                                                                                 - Ambassador (ret.) Ronald E. Neumann

                                                                                                   President, American Academy of Diplomacy

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