Teaching Resources

Teaching diplomatic practice—how to think about accomplishing policy goals and how diplomats accomplish their work in the 21st century—is a growing area of teaching in American universities but not one that has yet received much detailed study as to either content or methodology. To fill that gap the American Academy of Diplomacy and the International Center for Jefferson Studies organized a conference on diplomacy and education The discussion ranged from Jefferson’s stress on the importance of an educated citizenry to alternative methods of teaching employed by former senior ambassadors. For more details about the conference content, please check the conference page: Diplomacy & Education: Discovering and Teaching Reality. This page aims at divulging the teaching resources derived from that work.

The first tool is a list of Suggested Readings on Diplomatic Practice.

In the section below, you will find links to different universities that our members are affiliated with. These universities are currently offering classes that teach diplomatic practice. We hope that you find this site useful and encourage you to reference these universities for educational inquiries. Click on the links to see what courses the universities offer, and to see which AAD members currently teach them.

Diplomatic Practice Courses Taught by Academy Members