American Diplomat Podcast Supplemental Guides – For Educators

For her intern project, Anna Weber, a student at George Washington University, created classroom-ready supplemental guides and learning objectives for two episodes of the American Diplomat podcast. The first guide, supplementing the episode entitled “Ever Hear of Ebenezer Bassett?” focuses on connecting the story of America’s first African-American diplomat to topics already discussed in high school classrooms. The second guide, accompanying the episode “Spider Schneider”, tells the little-known story of U.S. consular officer Agnes Schneider, and has connections to lessons on the Red Scare.



Learning Objectives:

1. Students will understand how the Red Scare impacted Americans living abroad.

2. Students will understand the basics of what U.S. consulates do, and how diplomacy connects to historical events already presented in curricula.

Spider Schneider Supplemental Guide