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Courses offered at The University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky

Global Issues: Illegal Drugs and Terrorism (Drugs and Thugs) 

This course explores the global issues of illegal drugs and drug trafficking, international crime and terrorism. Course content emphasizes the study of drugs and terrorist organizations and networks, counter-drugs and counter-terrorism policy formulation and implementation, national and multilateral programs, and the international legal and organizational framework developed to deal with these issues. The instructor devotes attention to the similarities and links between illegal drugs, crime and terrorist organizations.

Issues in U.S. National Security

This course examines international aspects of U.S. national security policy. It studies the Cold War preface to current policy as well as broad issues of substance, strategic doctrine and governmental processes affecting national security policy. This course examines and discuss the NSC system, the place of human rights and American values in national security policy, civil-military relations, unilateralism and multilateralism and the role of the United Nations, the use of force and its alternatives (sanctions, negotiations, private and public diplomacy), and the use of intelligence in decision making.


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