3-in-3 Capital Campaign

Over the next 3 YEARS the Academy is aiming to raise $3 MILLION and we ask for YOUR HELP.



Why support the Academy?


Robust, non-partisan, professional US diplomacy is a vital national asset at a time of rapid global change and international stress.  The Academy’s unique leverage—professional representation based on a select membership of America’s most senior former diplomats—is devoted to the mission of advocating and protecting merit-based, professional diplomacy.  There is no more important moment to support and expand our work with the American people and their representatives in Congress for the promotion and defense of diplomacy.

Our Congressional impact, access and importance have grown.  House and Senate staff are now reaching out to us to consult on new legislative proposals from professional training to ambassadorial qualification and, more importantly, we are reaching out to them. We added language improving commercial diplomacy to the last appropriation bill. We will need to use all our access and influence in the coming period.

Equally, we need to expand our outreach to Americans across our country, beyond those we already have touched in Texas, Nebraska, and Michigan.  The public needs to understand diplomacy’s importance and impact, from averting war and making peace to protecting citizens abroad and supporting American jobs and prosperity through US overseas business, investment and trade.

America must have the global diplomatic capacity to advance, protect and defend our political, economic and national security interests around the world.  We are proud of the record the American Academy of Diplomacy has built by reputation, professionalism and action, yet we can do more.  To meet the growing challenges to professional diplomacy and our nation’s vital interests, the Academy must have the resources to sustain and expand its work.  For this, we need and strongly request your support.