3-in-3 Capital Campaign

Over the next 3 YEARS the Academy is aiming to raise $3 MILLION and we ask for YOUR HELP.






Why support the Academy?

America must have the global diplomatic capacity to advance, protect and defend its political, economic and national security interests around the world. Unfortunately, both the idea and the practice of a robust, non-partisan, professional diplomacy is under attack, at the moment when global circumstance are most demanding.

The American Academy of Diplomacy has a proven record of working to strengthen American diplomacy and to explain its importance to Americans. In recent years, we have dramatically expanded outreach programs, produced studies which have inspired practical, meaningful change, and fought for the resources required to support American diplomacy and American diplomats.

We are proud of the reputation AAD has built by its actions. To meet the growing challenges to professional diplomacy and so also to our Nations’ vital interests, the Academy must continue to expand its work. For this, we need a secure financial base. That is the purpose of launching our first Capital Campaign and this request for your support.