“America’s Diplomats” — Big Rapids Screening

Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan at Ferris March 14 to Lead Foreign Policy Discussion

The president of The American Academy of Diplomacy, former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Ronald Neumann, visited the Ferris State University campus on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Professor Piram Prakasam, Ferris’ Office of International Education executive director, said Neumann made a campus visit, which included the program, “Looking Ahead in American Foreign Policy,” from 1:30 to 3 p.m., that day, in Room 111 of the College of Business building. “We are thankful to collaborate with the Grand Rapids-based World Affairs Council of West Michigan, with the full support and involvement of our president, David Eisler,” Prakasam said. “The ambassador's visit is part of the university's effort to expand global engagement. Mr. Neumann is very well-respected in the foreign policy community, and we are glad to have the ambassador and his wife, Elaine, come to Ferris for this visit.” Prakasam stressed that Neumann is on a listening tour, and the discussion will not be limited to the countries where he had Foreign Service assignments. Neumann began duties as an ambassador to Algeria, in 1994, during the Clinton administration. He had more than 20 years as an officer with the U.S. Department of State prior to that appointment. Other Middle Eastern appointments included ambassadorship to Bahrain, in 2001, and becoming ambassador to Afghanistan, in July 2005, a post Neumann held into 2007. “This event will be more of an examination of American foreign policy, in general, rather than any particular international situation,” Prakasam said. “We look forward to gaining Mr. Neumann’s perspective on matters of diplomacy, and inter-governmental relations.” Prakasam said faculty and staff across the Ferris campus were invited to encourage their students to consider attending this event. “Really, students of all appropriate ages, as well as anyone in the Big Rapids community, will be welcome to join us,” Prakasam said. “It is wonderful to join with a front-seat participant in World Foreign Policy, and gain his perspective on how it works.”
More information on this event is available through Ferris’ Office of International Education.