“America’s Diplomats” – Nashville Screening

  The Tennessee World Affairs Council and Belmont University hosted a screening of America's Diplomats, an insightful documentary about the men and women who are at the front of U.S. diplomacy around the world. The event began with an introduction from Ambassador Dick Bowers, the top U.S. diplomat to Bolivia during the 1990's. Following the screening of the film, there was a forty five minute long conversation and Q&A session with Ambassador Bowers as well as Ambassador Ronald Schlicher, the former U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus who also served tours in Iraq and across the Middle East. You may view the original event page here.   Narrated by Kathleen Turner, America’s Diplomats explores the role of the Foreign Service – from Ben Franklin to Benghazi – through stories of individual diplomats and their families. After decades of war, America is turning to her Foreign Service more than ever to confront global challenges. From preventing war to promoting economic interests, we reveal the sacrifices made by those working behind the scenes of American foreign policy. For more information, visit the website http://americasdiplomats.com/