Alonzo Fulgham

Alonzo L. Fulgham is a seasoned International Development Policy, Planning, and Operations Executive with a wealth of experience in managing organizations and programs with budgets in excess of $15 billion. His mature skills in constructing corporate vision and cultivating strategic partnerships, combined with decades of high level practice in operational planning, policy development, complex negotiations, and change management have combined to make me an executive leader who excels in fast-paced, high pressure environments. Mr. Fulgham is well able to execute complex operations in culturally diverse and challenging settings. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in business and economics from Fisk University and a Master of Arts from the National Defense University.

In March of 2020, Mr. Fulgham took on new corporate responsibilities as the Executive Vice President-Defense/Homeland for VIATEQ Corporation of McLean, VA. VIATEQ is a certified SBA, SDB, and Minority owned company employing over 80 career professionals in 8 states, and CONUS (United States territory, including the adjacent territorial waters, located within North America between Canada and Mexico) Operations. VIATEQ provides Application Development and Management, Cyber and Information Security Services, Call Center and Help Desk, and Program Management and Business Operations expertise. VIATEQ has proven experience and deep past performance serving federal missions, spanning national security, financial and regulatory, and civilian programs. VIATEQ’s leadership team comprises former senior government managers, Business Operation Support SME’s, and doctorate level technical advisors.

Prior to joining VIATEQ, Mr. Fulgham was the founding principal of his own enterprise, TJM International Consultancy, a boutique business focused on advising a limited portfolio of global business concerns, NGOs, and entrepreneurial interests in the areas of sustainable development, energy, agribusiness, infrastructure, environment, governmental relations, and corporate responsibility.

Before this, Mr. Fulgham served as the President of Galileo Energy Partners, LLC from July of 2016 until December of 2019, spending time in key offices in London, UK and Washington, D.C. Galileo Energy Partners, LLC, headquartered in London, UK, is an integrated development and investment company focused on the energy and mining sectors in Africa. He led the firm as it sought to consolidate significant holdings, strengthen existing partnerships, and expand into new markets in Africa and the Asian Pacific regions.

Prior to joining Galileo, Mr. Fulgham was the Senior Vice President for Strategy and Sustainable International DevelopmentCH2M HILL, and served in this capacity from July 2012 through December 2015, in a Washington D.C. location. This role required him to develop and promote a healthy balance between competition and collaboration as the firm sought to solve complex engineering problems in the face of extreme infrastructure, environment, and climate change challenges in new and emerging markets. He also identified key acquisition targets and secured new business in sustainable development, climate science, and public health and security.

Mr. Fulgham’s earlier tenure as a leader at the US Agency for International Development (USAID) continues to inform all that he does as a corporate executive. In January of 2009, he was appointed by then President Barack Obama as Acting Administrator (CEO) for the Agency and was responsible for planning, development and execution of the United States’ development policy and humanitarian assistance programs, both during the Presidential Transition and the first full year of his Administration. His task was to reposition USAID to resume its role as the premier 21st Century development organization, including recruiting a world-class executive management team. Mr. Fulgham previously served as the Agency’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Secretariat, and before that as Mission Director to Afghanistan. Throughout his tenure with USAID, he led U.S. Government development and humanitarian assistance programs, laid foundations for real human progress and market-led growth, managed large-scale development and nation-building programs, and established and led strategic civilian-military nation-building partnerships. He was charged with launching major programs in infrastructure, agriculture, reconstruction, education, health, democracy and governance, economic growth and ex-combatant reintegration. Mr. Fulgham consistently achieved U.S. government objectives, many times in potentially hostile and politically unstable environments.

Corporate advisory service also remains a consistent element of Mr. Fulgham’s professional life. He is a current member of the Board of Directors for Palladium International, the American Academy for Diplomacy, Meridian International, Shared Interest, The Council on Foreign Relations, and the International Advisory Council of the Carnegie Mellon University Center for International Relations and Politics. He is a former member of the Advisory Board for Pacific Architects and Engineers, Inc., the Board of Directors for GRM International, a leading global development management firm, the Board of Directors of the Futures Group, and the William Davidson Institute.

Through such collaborative endeavors as these and numerous others, Mr. Fulgham continues to practice, lead, and consult with a strong sense of risk and reward, compliance, corporate ethics, regulatory standards, security, and strategic partnerships in the global relations and intergovernmental sectors.

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