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Anne H.

Anne Aarnes retired in September as Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator for Asia at USAID and was honored with the Administrator’s Distinguished Career Service Award. She previously served as the Senior Deputy Assistant to the Administrator in USAID’s Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs, and also served as USAID’s Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Middle East. She was on the faculty of the National War College from 2010-12. She was a Career Minister in the Senior Foreign Service.

Ms. Aarnes served as USAID Director in Pakistan, Jordan and the Central Asian Republics. She was also USAID Deputy Director in Egypt and Bangladesh. Other overseas assignments included managing strategy and budget as well as democracy and health activities in Ukraine and Pakistan. In Washington she served in USAID’s Policy and Program Coordination Bureau, the Asia Bureau and the Office of Population.

Ms. Aarnes holds a BA in Government from Oberlin College and an MA in political science from George Washington University.

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