Hushang Ansary Forums: Global Strategies for a Global America

The Hushang Ansary Forums – Global Strategies for a Global America, presented by the Academy and funded by Ambassador Hushang Ansary, is a series of discussions to address broad foreign policy challenges facing America in today’s world in turmoil.
The discussions support public and Congressional debate by bringing the very highest level of former policy maker and strategic thinker to address how America should orient itself to further its interests in a world in turmoil.  Threats to the post-World War II world order need the highest quality of strategic and conception thinking from those who know the reality and difficulties of wielding power and implementing policy.   Generally held in Washington, some crucial subjects will be addressed in other economic and regional centers. In exceptional circumstances a very senior former foreign leader may also be brought to the United States.
Programs will be drawn from two thematic areas: Understanding and Exploiting Realities in Diplomatic Realities and Economic Challenges in Foreign Policy.