2018 – The Administration’s Foreign and Trade Policy One Year In: A Selected Scorecard

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

11:30 AM – 2:00 PM

UNO Thompson Alumni Center

University of Nebraska Omaha

The title for the 2018 Omaha Ambassadors Forum (OAF) is: “The Administration’s Foreign and Trade Policy One Year In: A Selected Scorecard”. The administration of President Donald Trump is in its second year; it faces a raft of diplomatic challenges around the world: a resurgent and assertive Russia; the rising economic and military authority of China; the security challenges presented by extremist Islamic terrorism; and the dawn of North Korea as a nuclear power. Intensifying these challenges from abroad are challenges at home from an administration that is calling into question many of the principles and values that have guided U.S. foreign policy for over 70 years. Each of the ambassadors presenting at this year’s OAF brings extensive experience, expertise, and knowledge gained from decades of working on the front lines of American diplomacy.


News coverage of the 2018 Omaha Ambassadors Forum discussion:

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