2019 – US Global Interests & The Trump Foreign Policy

Date and Time: TBD

The title for the 2019 Omaha Ambassadors Forum (OAF) is: “US Global Interests & The Trump Foreign Policy”. Foreign affairs have an impact on all citizens – – directly or indirectly. Issues relating to immigration and tariffs are of particular concern in the Midwest to exporters of soybeans, corn, beef, pork, on relations with long-term global trading partners. How does a resurgent Russia affect relations with our NATO allies and our regional and international standing and influence? The Islamic State has been mortally degraded, but what about the return of ISIS and AlQaida to the use of terror as their primary weapon? President Trump and Kim Jong-un have met twice in the past year; what are the next steps to be taken in these negotiations? The Middle East remains a volatile region, complicated all the more by the war in Yemen, the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, and nuclear issues with Iran, and perhaps Saudi Arabia. The panel of ambassadors at the 2019 OAF will address these and other global issues. Join us to obtain insights informed by their career experiences.

Please check back for additional details.