American Diplomat: Real Stories Behind the News

The focus of American Diplomat: Real Stories Behind the News is to provide informative entertainment to the listening public from our nations’ diplomatic practitioners. These conversations seek to give listeners a better understanding of the very human dimensions of those serving on the front lines of war, crises and conflict around the world.

Hosted by Ambassador (ret.) Peter Romero and writer and producer Laura Bennett, American Diplomat focuses on conversations with active duty and retired U.S. diplomats. These intimate, lively and informative discussions center on the personal recollections and reflections as they succeed, fail, and enter the fray again to advance our national interests overseas. Discussing what they really think about dealing with foreign leaders, Pete, Laura, and guests reveal their thoughts about dealing with tribal leaders, militias and thugs.

The program is a project of the American Academy of Diplomacy in collaboration with Arizona State University’s Leadership, Diplomacy, and National Security Lab, with support from the American Foreign Service Association and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

For educators looking to bring this podcast into their classroom, the Academy has created a set of supplemental guides that can be used in tandem with two select episodes that work particularly well with high school history and civics curricula.

“These discussions are like having a dinner party conversation with the most fascinating guests you could possibly invite” – Laura Bennett, Producer


All episodes of American Diplomat: Real Stories Behind the News can be accessed via the American Diplomat website and on iTunes.


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