“The General and the Ambassador: A Conversation”

A podcast series by the American Academy of Diplomacy, the General and the Ambassador: A Conversation brings together outstanding diplomatic and military collaborators to recount stories of representing and defending U.S. interests abroad. The host, Ambassador (ret.) Deborah McCarthy brings these stories to listeners in thirty-minute episodes.





Episode 20: Assistant Secretary Tom Countryman & Dept of Defense Weapons of Mass Destruction Military Advisor Colonel Pat Terrell

Episode 19: General Raymond Odierno, General Lloyd Austin, Ambassador Ryan Crocker and Ambassador Dawn Liberi

Episode 18: General Raymond Odierno, General Lloyd Austin, Ambassador Ryan Crocker and Ambassador Dawn Liberi

Episode 17: General Bruce Wright and Ambassador Tom Schieffer

Episode 16: General Bruce Wright and Ambassador Tom Schieffer

Episode 15: General Carter Ham and Ambassador Gene Cretz

Episode 14: General Ben Hodges and Ambassador Steve Mull

Episode 13: General Skip Sharp and Ambassador Kathy Stephens

Episode 12: Admiral Michelle Howard and Ambassador David Pearce

Episode 11: General Sonntag and Ambassador Thomas Kelly

Episode 10: Ambassador John Tefft and U.S. Embassy Military Attache Bruce McClintock

Episode 9: General Kip Ward and Ambassador Mary Yates

Episode 8:  Ambassador Kenneth Merten and Lieutenant General Ken Keen

Episode 7:  Ambassador James Jeffrey and General Lloyd Austin

Episode 6: Rear Admiral John Kirby and Ambassador Michael Hammer

Episode 5: General William E. “Kip” Ward and Ambassador Mary C. Yates

Episode 4: General Philip Breedlove and Ambassador Victoria Nuland

Episode 3: General Jack Gardner and Ambassador Kate Canavan

Episode 2: Admiral James Stavridis and Ambassador William Brownfield

Episode 1: General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker



About the Show


Ambassador Deborah McCarthy, host of the General and the Ambassador Podcast, talks with Eric Ham about the series on SIRIUS XM Radio.













Message from the President, Ambassador Ronald Neumann:

“The Academy of Diplomacy is proud to present a new podcast series called The General and the Ambassador: A Conversation.  Each will be a conversation between a highly ranked former military officer and a former senior Ambassador centered on how they partnered to protect America and advance the strategic interests of the United States.  In many key areas around the world, our top military and our top diplomats work hand in glove, but the story is rarely told.

Our aim is to have Americans see how important it is that the United States be present on the global stage.  We hope the series encourages people to join public service to represent our great nation abroad in whatever capacity they choose. The careers of the Generals and the Ambassadors in these conversations will give us a glimpse into this exciting world.  We hope you enjoy them.”


A project of the Una Chapman Cox Foundation in partnership with the American Academy of Diplomacy