current Programs


We are proud to present two podcast series, projects of the Una Chapman Cox Foundation in partnership with the American Academy of Diplomacy: “The General & the Ambassador: A Conversation” and “American Diplomat: Real Stories Behind the News“.

“America’s Diplomats” Screening and Discussion

The American Academy of Diplomacy currently sponsors the screening of the PBS film America’s Diplomats followed by a discussion of the role of U.S. diplomacy with a distinguished former ambassador, at World Affairs Councils across the nation, in collaboration with the World Affairs Council of America.

Texas Tech Ambassadors Forum

Texas Tech University and the American Academy of Diplomacy co-host a prestigious three-year program of panel discussions to enhance public understanding of critical foreign policy areas with the purpose of expanding understanding of US diplomacy.  This program, which started in 2016, is held at the International Cultural Center, on the Texas Tech University campus.

Joseph J. Sisco Memorial Forum

Joseph J. Sisco was the Chairman of the American Academy of Diplomacy from 1999-2004. When he passed away in the fall of 2004, he requested that gifts in his honor be made to the Academy. The Academy decided that the best use of the generous donations made by his friends and family was to stimulate public discussion on the foreign policy themes to which Dr. Sisco dedicated his career.

Annual Meeting

The Academy holds an annual meeting each year in the spring for all members to attend. A keynote speaker discusses a timely topic for the Academy’s membership, and the Chairman and President give an update on the year’s work. The chair of each committee discusses the work his or her committee has done throughout the previous year.

Annual Awards Luncheon

Recognizing Contributions to Diplomacy
The Academy annually grants the prestigious Annenberg Award for Excellence in Diplomacy, the Arthur Ross Award for Distinguished Reporting & Analysis of Foreign Affairs, and the Douglas Dillon Book Award to individuals for their significant contributions to the field of diplomacy. This ceremony is held each year in late fall / early winter in the Benjamin Franklin Room of the US Department of State.

Arthur Ross Discussions of American Diplomacy

The Arthur Ross Foundation generously provided the American Academy of Diplomacy with a fund to create a series of discussions exploring the role of diplomacy in US foreign relations, and encouraging discussions of foreign affairs across the country.

Omaha Ambassadors Forum

The Omaha Ambassadors Forum is a yearly program to bring distinguished diplomatic practitioners to speak with students and community leaders in Omaha.  Each year’s program is developed jointly by the Academy in cooperation with the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Burlington International whose funding has made these programs possible.