Recent Publications

"Bringing America’s Multilateral Diplomacy into the 21st Century"

US multilateral diplomacy lacks focus and training compared to many other states and yet it is increasingly important in meeting transnational problems. The Academy’s new report argues that in order to deal effectively with the pressing international challenges of global pandemics, climate change, or supply chain problems, the U.S. Department of State “must bring multilateral diplomacy into the mainstream of policymaking, diplomatic practice, and diplomatic training.”


"Blueprints for a More Modern US Diplomatic Service"

Blueprints for a More Modern U.S. Diplomatic Service is an actionable guide for producing operationally significant changes in the ways the United States organizes and executes its diplomacy.

"Changing the Risk Paradigm For U.S. Diplomats"

The State Department’s current risk aversion at higher-threat posts obstructs the performance of the most basic functions of a diplomat. Effective diplomacy to meet national interests requires a method to engage more broadly even in high-threat locations. The Academy’s new report suggests three changes to address the growing level of risk intolerance experienced in U.S. missions abroad.

"Strengthening the Department of State"

Effective American diplomacy demands a strong Department of State to execute it.  The Academy’s new report offers the Department recommendations for how to enhance its structures and processes to better identify, recruit, train, support, equip, and protect its people in the Foreign and Civil Service.

"Support for American Jobs – Parts I & II"

“Support for American Jobs – Parts I & II” are two reports based on business views of U.S. commercial diplomacy programs, prepared by the American Academy of Diplomacy under the direction of the Una Chapman Cox Foundation.