Books by Members


First Line of Defense

By The American Academy of Diplomacy





Diplomats & Terrorists Or: How I Survived a 61-day Cocktail Party

By Diego and Nancy Asencio




51mvmgeuk3l-_sl500_sy298_bo1204203200_Our Man is Inside

By Diego Asencio






The Joys anthe-joys-and-perils-of-serving-abroad-diego-and-nancy-asenciod Perils of Serving Abroad: Memoirs of a U.S. Foreign Service Family

By Diego and Nancy Asencio




Intervening in Africa: Superpower Peacemaking in a Troubled Continent 

By Herman J. Cohen






The Mind of the African Strongman: Conversations with Dictators, Statesmen, and Father Figures

By Herman J. Cohen



Foreign Service: Five Decades on The Frontlines of American Diplomacy

By James Dobbins



Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific: Heritage and Contemporary Challenges

Edited By Howard M. Hensel and Amit Gupta

Chapter Six: From the Suez Canal to the Gulf of Aden – Ambassador David H. Shinn




Our Woman in Havana: A Diplomat’s Chronicle of America’s Long Struggle with Castro’s Cuba

By Vicki Huddleston




american-ambassadors-the-past-present-and-future-of-americas-diplomats-dennis-c-jettAmerican Ambassadors: The Past, Present, and Future of America’s Diplomats

By Dennis Jett






Why American Foreign Policy Fails: Unsafe at Home and Despised Abroad

By Dennis Jett





Why Peacekeeping Fails

By Dennis Jett




Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: American Leadership in the Middle East

By Daniel C. Kurtzer and Scott B. Lasensky



Pathways to Peace: America and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

By Daniel C. Kurtzer



The Peace Puzzle: America’s Quest for Arab-Israeli Peace, 1989-2011

By Daniel C. Kurtzer, Scott B. Lasensky, William B. Quandt, Steven L. Spiegel, Shibley Telhami, Shibley Z. Telhami



Three Embassies, Four Wars: A Personal Memoir

By Ronald E. Neumann






The Other War: Winning and Losing in Afghanistan

By Ronald E. Neumann






Our Latest Longest War: Losing Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan

Edited by Aaron B. O’ Connell

Chapter One:  Washington Goes to War – Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann



improving-decisionmaking-in-a-turbulent-world-chalres-p-riesImproving Decisionmaking in a Turbulent World

By Charles P. Ries



doomed-to-succeed-by-dennis-rossDoomed to Succeed

By Dennis Ross

New York Times Review






South Asia and the Great Powers: International Relations and Regional Security

Edited by Sten Rynning

Chapter One by Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann



india-at-the-global-high-table-teresita-schaffer-howard-schafferIndia at the Global High Table: The Quest for Regional Primacy and Strategic Autonomy

By Teresita and Howard Schaffer




Hizmet in Africa: The Activities and Significance of the Gülen Movement

By David H. Shinn




China and Africa: A Century of Engagement

By David H. Shinn and Joshua Eisenmann