Mrs. Patricia Taylor

Special Mention
                         Ambassador Kenneth Taylor and his wife Patricia, in 2015

11/30/16 – The news of the passing of the Canadian Ambassador Kenneth Taylor late last year reminded us of the great courage that Ambassador Taylor and his wife Patricia showed in 1979 during the hostage crisis in Tehran, heading a small group of Canadian diplomats who helped American consular officers hide in their homes for several weeks and then escape Iran, at great risk for their own security. It is with great honor that we have invited Ms. Taylor to our luncheon today, to recognize their heroism and express our gratitude towards all the Canadian diplomats involved in the rescue operation:

  • Prime Minister Charles Joseph “Joe” Clark
  • Secretary of State for External Affairs, Flora MacDonald
  • Ambassador Kenneth Taylor and his wife Patricia Taylor
  • Immigration Officer John Sheardown and his wife Zena Sheardown
  • Mary Catherine O’Flaherty – communications officer
  • Roger Lucy – Political officer and first secretary for the Canadian Embassy
  • Laverna Katie Dollimore – personal secretary for Ambassador Taylor