AAD Media Award 2013
(Revised January 18, 2013)

Title: The Arthur Ross Award for Distinguished Reporting and Analysis on Foreign Affairs, given in honor of (and endowed by) the late Arthur Ross.


  • Open to American citizens whose work is located anywhere in the United States or on assignment abroad.
  • Honoring two individuals whose reporting and analysis on diplomacy and foreign affairs is making a singular contribution to public understanding of the critical role played by diplomacy in the furtherance of America’s foreign policy interests.
  • The recipients will be in two categories: a) a reporter (print or electronic); and b) a columnist, editorial writer, or commentator (print or electronic) – in both cases whose work represents a singular contribution to public understanding.


  • Nominations must include the nominator’s title, location, and a narrative of no more than 500 words justifying his or her nominee.
  • Nominations would be welcome and encouraged from any member of the Academy, especially from those living outside the Washington metropolitan area.

Deadline: Nominations will close COB June 28, 2013 (Please email them to robert@hunters21.com; receipt will be acknowledged).

Timing: Assuming appropriate recipients are agreed upon, the ninth awards in the series will be presented at the Academy’s 2013 awards luncheon at the State Department in November. As in 2012, there will be two awards, each with a cash stipend of $5,000. One will go to a “day-to-day” journalist. The other will go to an editorial writer, columnist, or commentator. Either/both can be either "print" or "electronic."

Selection: Nominations will be reviewed and recommendations made by the AAD Media Award committee; i.e. Robert Hunter (chair), Bob Berger, Chas Freeman, Kenton Keith, Sam Lewis, Dan Simpson, and Bill Vanden Heuvel. As AAD President, Ronald Neumann also serves as a non-voting, ex-officio member.

The names of the recommended awardee(s) will be put to the AAD executive committee, with a final decision by the Board.


Past recipients of the Arthur Ross Media Award include:

2012 James Fallows of the Atlantic and Rajiv Chandrasekaran of the Washington Post
2011 Sylvia Poggioli of National Public Radio and Borzou Daragahi of the Financial Times
2010 Walter Pincus of the Washington Post and Trudy Rubin of the Philadelphia Enquirer


Anthony Shadid of the New York Times, and Helen Thomas formerly of the Hearst News Service
2008 Mohamad Bazzi of The Nation, and Dexter Filkins of the New York Times
2007 Thomas E. Ricks of the Washington Post, and The Miami Herald's Latin America Staff

Dana Priest of the Washington Post and William Pfaff of the Tribune Media Services International.


Barbara Demick of the Los Angeles Times and James Boyd of The Minneapolis Star Tribune


Robin Wright of the Washington Post



John Burns of the New York Times and Anne Garrels of National Public Radio

James Lehrer of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.

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