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The following positions are currently available at the Academy:

AAD staff and former interns at the 2022 Annual Awards Luncheon

AAD staff and 2023 interns in the U.S. Department of State's Thomas Jefferson room.

"During my internship with the Academy, I gained a variety of skills I will carry with me throughout my academic and professional career. In addition to interacting with former ambassadors and working alongside an incredible team, I learned about social media analytics, website development and the inner workings of a nonprofit. I would definitely recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in the Foreign Service or American diplomacy!"


Morgan Kogan, Fall 2023 Intern

"Interning at the Academy allowed for early exposure to various facets of diplomacy along with providing key insight into managing nonprofit operations, equipping me with a well-rounded skill set that is highly transferable across diverse professional arenas. The mentorship, skills, knowledge, and networks gained during my internship will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation as I pursue future endeavors — I highly recommend this internship!"


Mariana Melzer, Fall 2023 Intern

2023 Summer Interns Sienna Ross and Josh Ford with AAD President Ronald Neumann

"I am so grateful for my experiences working as an intern for the American Academy of Diplomacy. My time as an intern exposed me to a wealth of knowledge, fostered life-long skills of collaboration and communication, and allowed me to learn from accomplished individuals in the foreign service. The AAD office is welcoming, personable, and always supportive. AAD has given me the platform to work towards my career aspirations and pursue my interests."


Josh Ford, Summer 2023 Intern

AAD staff and 2023 Summer intern, Josh Ford, at the Army and Navy Club.

2023 Spring Intern Bob Greenbaum with AAD staff

AAD staff and 2023 Spring intern, Bob Greenbaum, at the Army and Navy Club.

"This internship is the perfect environment to learn more about the Foreign Service and non-profits, to interact with former diplomats, and to gain life-long skills."


Bob Greenbaum, Spring 2023 Intern

"Some days you are working with an exceptional team of people to accomplish tasks, other days you could be emailing the Prime Minister of Tunisia. This internship is truly one for those passionate about the unpredictable, yet exhilarating career of diplomatic service while contributing to the education in America’s most vital career."

Toby Szustak, Spring 2023 Intern

2022 Fall Intern, Megan Kibogo with AAD staff

"My time at the Academy allowed me to learn more about the issues and different career paths I’m interested in from people who have dedicated their lives to the Foreign Service."

Megan Kibogo, Fall 2022 Intern

AAD staff and 2022 Fall intern, Megan Kibogo, at the Army and Navy Club.

2023 Summer Interns Anna Weber and Caitlin Mittrick with AAD staff

"If you are thinking about the Foreign Service as a career path, or are interested in nonprofits and diplomacy in general, the amount of knowledge and expertise you have access to as an intern is unparalleled."

Anna Weber, Summer 2022 Intern

AAD staff and 2022 Summer interns, Caitlin Mittrick and Anna Weber, at the Army and Navy Club.

2022 Spring Interns Maria Benincasa and Donovan Satchell with AAD staff

AAD staff and 2022 Spring interns, Donovan Satchell and Maria Benincasa, at the Army and Navy Club.

"Exploring my passion for service while remaining at my university gave me the flexibility to still contribute to the Academy while staying in Texas. Outreach programs, such as the Academy internship program, allow students like me to experience diplomacy-oriented careers without being in the nation’s capital."


Donovan Satchell, Spring 2022 Intern

"All of the team members were determined to make my experience a positive one, and valued and respected my work. An internship with the Academy is perfect for ambitious and enthusiastic individuals looking to understand American diplomacy, nonprofit work, or a career in the Foreign Service."


Maria Benincasa, Spring 2022 Intern

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