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2021 – Africa's Role in the Contemporary World

October 25th and October 26th, 2021

2021  –  Africa's Role in the Contemporary World

Africa is the only world region that will undergo a dramatic population increase by mid-century – with a doubling by 2050. This “Youth Tsunami” will represent either a significant force for economic growth and improved living conditions in Africa, or increased global terrorism, instability, and migration flows. In either case, the policies adopted now – by both the international community and African Governments – will determine which course the Continent follows. Yet Africa is currently the continent least understood by Americans; the perception – which is unfortunately amplified by Western media – is of a land of war, famine, and pestilence. But the reality is much more complex and nuanced. While no single panel can cover the myriad of issues in Africa’s 56 countries, three major themes form the basis for the discussion of the Ambassadors Forum of 2021. The panelists spoke about Africa’s population boom, infrastructure projects being led by China along Africa’s northern borders, global warming’s impact on migration, colonialism’s harmful legacy on the continent, the importance of humanitarian aid to quelling extremist violence, and the innovative young people who will shape the future of their nations.

About the Speakers

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