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Press Release | America: Be Proud of Your Diplomats – November 25, 2019

Nov 25, 2019

AAD Staff

Washington, D.C. – America's diplomats deserve support from both their government and the public. In the current highly charged political atmosphere they have respected their oath to the Constitution and testified factually and with dignity when subpoenaed by Congress. They have shown the courage and quality of America's foreign policy professionals and exemplified why a top-quality diplomatic service is essential for the United States.

The American Academy of Diplomacy, a non-partisan and non-governmental organization of former senior diplomats, welcomes the Department of State's assurance that no retaliation will be taken against any of those who have testified. This assurance, given by Under Secretaries David Hale and Brian Bulatao and repeated in his confirmation testimony by Deputy Secretary designate Stephen Biegun, is essential to the maintenance of a career, merit-based professional diplomacy. It must be honored. We also applaud the State Department's decision to pay some of the legal and travel costs of those on active duty testifying.

The United States faces many international and foreign policy challenges. Maintaining and strengthening America's professional diplomats and supporting them as they uphold their oath of service is essential to the future conduct of America's foreign policy.

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