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Press Release | The Academy’s 2022 Ross Media Awards Recognize Reporting on Ukraine

Oct 27, 2022

AAD Staff

Washington, D.C. Each year, the American Academy of Diplomacy honors one outstanding reporter and one distinguished commentator with its Arthur Ross Media Awards for Distinguished Reporting and Analysis on Foreign Affairs. This year, the Academy is recognizing the extraordinary reporting that has been done on the war in Ukraine. The 2022 Ross Media Awards go to the two individuals who have been reporting and commenting from Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict:


Clarissa Ward

Chief International Correspondent, CNN


Yaroslav Trofimov

Chief Foreign-Affairs Correspondent, The Wall Street Journal


In addition, the Academy is presenting a special award for outstanding work to:


The Kyiv Independent, an English-language Ukrainian online newspaper founded in 2021.


With these awards, the Academy seeks to recognize the indispensable role that quality journalism from various types of media outlets (print, broadcast, or online) plays in presenting facts and analysis from around the world to American audiences, and thus spurring informed actions by policymakers and private citizens alike.


The Ross Media Awards are given in honor of the late Arthur Ross and are endowed by the Ross Foundation. The awards seek to recognize individuals or groups of individuals (e.g., a news bureau) whose reporting and analysis on diplomacy and foreign affairs is making a singular contribution to public understanding of the critical roles played by diplomacy and the media in the furtherance of America’s foreign policy interests. The 2022 Ross Award winners will formally receive their awards at the Academy’s Annual Awards Luncheon at the State Department on November 9, 2022.





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