The Philip Merrill Fellowship
for the Best Essay on the Practice of American Diplomacy

The American Academy of Diplomacy, in collaboration with the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC, annually grants the Philip Merrill Fellowship, awarded to a student who submits the best essay on the practice of American diplomacy. The Academy is a private, non-profit society of men and women who, during their careers in government, played major roles in the conduct of American diplomacy. Its members, now retired from government (including all living former Secretaries of State), work to enhance the quality of that diplomacy and build better public appreciation for its critical role in the pursuit of American interests abroad.

The fellowship provides 50% toward SAIS tuition for each of the two academic years. 

The 2012 application window for the Phillip Merrill Fellowship is now closed. Congratulations to Paul Sturm for his award-winning essay on negotiating with Iran on its nuclear weapons ambitions.


Past Phillip Merril Fellowship Awardees:

2012 -Phillip Sturm, on Negotiating with Iran over its nuclear weapons ambitions

2011 - Shelly Ranii, on the Obama adminitration's current struggle to aid the reformation of a failing global economy and ensure internet security in a digital age.

2010 - Theodore Bunzel, on repairing and further deepening diplomatic relationships with the key Asian powers (China, Japan and India), and quelling any destabilizing Russian resurgence in Eurasia

2009 - Stephen Doyle, on making diplomatic progress in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as with Iran.

2008 - Andrew Zvirdzdin

2007 - Renee M. Gardner, on the failure of the U.S. to utilize effective diplomacy in securing approval for staging American troops through Turkey to Iraq in 2003

2006 - David Hoehner, on the successful practice of American diplomacy.

2005 - Michael Cognato, on the three most important challenges in foreign policy and diplomacy the new U.S. presidential administration will face

2004 - Karen Stanco, on the unilateralism in American foreign policy.

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