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John Kornblum, a current nonresident senior advisor of the Europe Program for the Center for Strategic & International Studies, was sworn in as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs in July 1996.

Mr. Kornblum entered the Foreign Service in 1964 and was assigned to Hamburg as vice consul for two years. Returning to Washington, he served as international relations officer in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs for two years and the Bureau of European Affairs for a year. He was assigned as a political officer in Bonn for four years, after which he resumed his duties in Washington as an international relations officer on the Policy Planning Staff for two years and then in the Office of Central European Affairs for the next two years.

From 1977-79, Mr. Kornblum was a political-military affairs officer. He was then assigned as chief of the political section in Berlin from 1979-81. Following a four-year assignment as director of the Office of Central European Affairs, he became U.S. minister and deputy commandant in Berlin for two years. From 1987-91 he was deputy U.S. representative to NATO in Brussels, and from 1992-94 he served as head (with rank of ambassador) of delegation to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Mr. Kornblum was born in Dearborn, Michigan in 1943. He received a B.A. from Michigan University in 1964. He has received many awards including a Knights Cross of the Order of Merit from Germany, and an Order of Merit from Austria.

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