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Ishaan Tharoor

The Washington Post

Recipient of the 2021 Award for Commentary

Ishaan Tharoor is a foreign affairs columnist in the newsroom of the Washington Post where he anchors Today’s WorldView, the Post’s daily column and newsletter on global politics. Through frequent use of comparative frames, his columns make both the rest of the world intelligible to an American audience and America understandable for the rest of the world. They are anchored in the dominant themes and ideas of the moment — charting the twists and turns of the evolving geopolitical order, the travails of liberal democracies and the increasingly global debates over multiculturalism and identity. Today’s WorldView, which launched in early 2017, attracts a huge daily audience of readers from around the world.

Prior to joining the Post in 2014, Ishaan was a senior editor and writer at Time magazine for eight years split between Hong Kong and New York. His work for the magazine’s international edition took him from the jungle redoubts of Nepal’s Maoists to the hurly-burly of election season in the Philippines and many places in between. He also launched Time’s first foray into foreign affairs blogging and eventually presided over the entirety of its international digital coverage.

He and his twin brother Kanishk — also a writer and journalist — were born in Singapore to Indian parents, raised initially in Geneva but mostly in New York, and graduated from Yale University. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Bhumika Davé Tharoor, a managing editor at the Atlantic. He teaches a seminar at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service on global affairs in the digital age.

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