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Martha Raddatz

ABC News

Recipient of the 2015 Award for Reporting

Martha Raddatz is ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent, and the substitute anchor for the network’s Sunday morning public affairs program “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” She has covered foreign policy for more than 20 years–reporting from the Pentagon, the State Department, the White House, and from conflict zones around the world.

Raddatz has traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq dozens of times, as well as having traveled numerous times to Pakistan, Iran and Yemen. She was in Iran when the nuclear deal was struck this summer. Raddatz is the only television reporter allowed to cover a combat mission over Afghanistan in an F15 fighter jet, spending nearly 10 hours in the air on two separate missions.

She joined ABC News in January 1999 as the network’s State Department correspondent. Her coverage at the State Department after the attacks of September 11 was recognized, along with that of other ABC News recipients, with a Peabody Award as well as an Emmy Award. In May 2004, Raddatz was named Senior National Security correspondent. From 1993-1998 she was the Pentagon correspondent for NPR. Prior to this, she was the chief correspondent at the ABC News Boston affiliate WCVB-TV. Raddatz is the author of The Long Road Home—a Story of War and Family, which made the bestseller list of both the New York Times and the Washington Post.

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