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Timothy Carney is a retired career Foreign Service Officer. He served 32 years, ending as Ambassador to Haiti (1998-99). He recently resigned as Chairman of the Board of the Haiti Democracy Project, a small non-profit think tank. He led an HDP delegation to Haiti in February 2005

He was Ambassador to Sudan before that (1995-97), and is the last accredited U.S. Ambassador there. With his wife and noted British photographer Michael Freeman, he has just produced a large illustrated book on Sudan. The English edition has been printed, and the launch is set for Khartoum in late September with a Washington Launch and photo exhibit at Meridian House scheduled for late October.

Other State Department posts included Vietnam and Cambodia during the Indochina War, and Lesotho and South Africa before the end of apartheid.

He was a Director of Asian Affairs on the NSC Staff during the Administration of George Bush. Carney was the Principal DAS in the South Asia Bureau from 1994-95.

Carney joined a number of UN Peacekeeping Missions. He was the senior American on UNTAC in Cambodia from March 1992-August 1993; then in Somalia for UNOSOM II from December 1993-February 1994; and in South Africa with UNOMSA from March-June 1994 for Mandela’s election.

At Pentagon request, he joined Lt. Gen (Ret.) Jay Garner’s staff in Iraq in March 2003 and served three months as the senior authority in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. Since 2004 he has regularly lectured on aspects of Iraq as part of a team preparing regular army and National Guard units assigned to Iraq.

Carney graduated from MIT in 1966. He speaks Cambodian, Thai and French. He is married to free-lance journalist Victoria Butler and has a daughter from a previous marriage.

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