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Richard H.

Dick Jones joined the Foreign Service in 1976 and rose rapidly through the economiccon, serving abroad in Paris and Saudi Arabia. By 1987 he was a Division Chief in the State Departmens Trade Office, before returning to Riyadh in 1989 to serve as the embassy’s Political Counselor, just in time for the Gulf War. After attending the Department’s Senior Seminar in 1992 he became Director of the always-challenging Office of Egyptian Affairs in the Near East Bureau(1993-1995), followed by Ambassadorships in Lebanon (1996-1998), Kazakhstan (1998-2001), and Kuwait (2001-2004). Seeking the best in the Foreign Service, Ambassador Jerry Bremer asked Dick to move from Kuwait to Baghdad in November 2003 through June 2004 to serve as Chief Policy Officer and Deputy Administrator for the Coalition Provisional Authority, overseeing implementation of Iraq’s transition back to sovereignty. In January 2005, Secretary Rice named Dick Jones her Senior Advisor and Coordinator for Iraq Policy, chairing the Under-Secretary-level interagency Iraq Steering Group. He was Ambassador to Israel (2005-2008) before retiring from the USG to serve as Deputy Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (2008-2013) . Dick’s foreign languages are Arabic, French, German, and Russian, and he also speaks economics and technology.

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