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Richard D.

Ambassador Richard Kauzlarich served as National Intelligence Officer for Europe on the National Intelligence Council from September 2003 to April 2011. He is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University; Co-Director for Energy Science and Policy, George Mason University.

Prior to that position, he was Director of the Special Initiative on the Muslim World at the United States Institute of Peace. Ambassador Kauzlarich joined the Institute in Spring 2002 after a 32-year career in the Foreign Service. He served as United States Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1997-99 and to Azerbaijan in 1994-97. He was Senior Deputy to the Secretary of State’s and the President’s Special Representative to the Newly Independent States (NIS) in 1993-94. He was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of European Affairs in 1991-93, responsible for relations with the former Soviet Union and economic ties with the European Union.

Ambassador Kauzlarich also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs in 1984-86 and as Deputy Director of the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff in 1986-89, handling global and international economic issues. He was also Director of the Department of State’s Operations Center 1983-84.

In addition to his ambassadorial assignments, Ambassador Kauzlarich has served at US Embassies in Ethiopia, Israel, and Togo.

In December 2001, the Century Foundation published his report, “Time for Change? US Policy in the Transcaucasus.” He is a coauthor of “Aid During Conflict: Interaction Between Military and Civilian Assistance Providers in Afghanistan, September 2001-June 2002,” published by RAND in 2004.

Ambassador Kauzlarich received his A.A. from Black Hawk College, his B.A. from Valparaiso University, and M.A.s from Indiana University and the University of Michigan.

He is a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in the Foreign Policy program working with the Center on the United States and Europe. He is also a visiting fellow at the Joint Forces Staff College of National Defense University.

He is a member of the National Council of the College of Arts and Sciences at Valparaiso University. He serves on the board of Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area and is its Treasurer.

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