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Sheldon J.

Ambassador Sheldon Krys served as Assistant Secretary of State for Administration and Information Management, and as Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security. He was Executive Director of the Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs during tumultuous events in the region, including the Iran hostage crisis. He was the designated representative to the family members of the hostages, and was with Secretary Christopher in Algiers when the hostages were released.

He was Ambassador to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago 1985-88. Other overseas postings included London, where he served as special assistant to Ambassador David Bruce, and Belgrade, where he was Counselor for Administrative Affairs.

Sheldon Krys was executive secretary of the Melvin Laird Commission that investigated security-related events in Moscow.

He holds the Department of State’s Distinguished Honor Award and a Presidential Meritorious Service Award. He was chairman of the editorial board of the Foreign Service Journal and was elected vice president of the Washington Institute of Foreign Affairs. He is a member of the board of directors ofthe Senior Living Foundation of the American Foreign Service.

Ambassador Krys completed his studies at the University of Maryland and is a graduate of the National War College.

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