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Born in Montana and raised in Washington State. B.A. International Relations Stanford, M.A. in International Affairs, M.A. In Law and Diplomacy, and PH.D Law and Diplomacy from Fletcher.

Key assignments: Political/Military Counselor Manila, DCM in Cape Verde, Kinshasa, Lagos, Charge in Kinshasa, Maseru, Addis Ababa, AEP Cape Verde, Benin, Cameroun and Equatorial Guinea. Senior Advisor for Africa at USUN, Senior Advisor Somali Reconciliation Talks, Delegation Head Darfur Negotiations, U.S. Special Envoy for Somalia, Senior Counselor UN Political Office for Somalia. Speaks French and Portuguese. Recipient of numerous awards including Presidential Award for Sustained Superior Accomplishment in Conduct of Foreign Policy (following Zaire).

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